Roger Ralston: I am investigating the line between implicit and explicitly created. I have looked through a number of lenses to find and to search out the possibilities of seeing, and looking.

One way I search out possibilities is walking. I am documenting my experience of the walks, and have assembled these as meditations on the experience. Many times the walks include reflections, and wanderings into memory. In videos I am working on, I am searching for a method to enable these experiences to be viewed.

Jamie Hahn: Rhythm is a concept I've developed in my research of making interdisciplinary work. I'm interested in directing a sense of orientation as a figure (the viewer) transitions in response to the
ground (the environment). In four dimensions, time meets the moment to integrate with tactile and visual perceptual systems, shifting the figure to ground rhythm into a moment of difference within similarity.

Exterior surfaces merge with internal spaces of contemplation in an attempt to re-identify and reveal the transformative effect of moment-to-moment perception through still and moving imagery.

Dates: November 5-27, 2010
Reception: November 5, 5-8pm

Saranac Art Projects
25 W. Main Ave
Spokane, WA

12-5 Thursday
12-8 Friday
12-5 Saturday