This is the final in a series conceived by Scott Kolbo and designed to create/stimulate dialogue about the state of the arts in the Spokane area.

Speaking of Scott, who is from Whitworth College, the BFA Senior show is on at Saranac through the end of the month. Good show. Always interesting to see what is happening with emerging artists.

Tinman Gallery Schedule: 6 Month Preview

 I love it when galleries send me advance listings!

Check out the Peter Pan show, if you can (I think I'll be showing a piece in it, actually).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...5 months later

Wow, has it really been 5 months since my last post? It goes in spurts, I guess. I overcome the notion that no one is reading this stuff and get really ambitious about putting out a lot of posts. And maybe I'm not so busy that I can't spare some time to actually go view other people's art. But then...after awhile...I begin to lag behind. Other things happen:

  • The start of third quarter grading and so lots of student projects to attend to.
  • The sudden (albeit fleeting) appearance of the sun, prompting me to spend inordinate amounts of time contemplating my garden and attempting to get several dozen varieties of vegetables started in the indoor greenhouse.
  • The realization that I will be showing work at Saranac in October and haven't done a dang thing for it yet.
  • The surprising invitation to show at two other places before the Saranac show in October...for which I haven't done a dang thing...and thus now have several shows for which I need to do something.
  • The death of a best friend, which set me on my haunches for awhile. Jeez that hurt. I miss you Melanie.

And so, here I am late in the evening when I ought to be sleeping. Finally, after 6 months, a new post. Maybe it will be the start of a new phase in posting. Too soon to tell...