Coming Full Circle

About a year ago I went to the Kootenai County Fairgrounds to visit with folks from the local art association, some of them friends, most of them familiar to me from writing about art. That event prompted me to start this blog...which has lapsed for nearly 9 months.

Where did the time go?

  • At four months after starting the blog, I was till going strong. That was August 08. Busy, developing curriculum for a new client (a digital photography course for Idaho Digital Learning Academy). Still writing for Inlander and Sandpoint Magazine, and I'd found out I'd have not one but two solo exhibitions in 2009. Yikes.
  • At five months, school had started, as well as a second job teaching online for IDLA. No time to write...but I assured myself I'd get back to it.
  • At months six through nine I had guilt pangs but was buried in work. A little resentful even of devoting any precious time to other people's art when I needed to be in my own studio.
  • Around month ten after starting the blog, I was done teaching for IDLA for awhile. My first of two art shows was good. Lots of friends and familiar faces joined me at Stage Right Cellars for "Recovery," which was the completion of a body of work I'd started nearly four years prior (photo below).

So, here I am again. Ready to try it again. Sorry I've been gone. Better late than never, I guess.