New Gallery in Cda Reported on 8/8/08

Eight is supposed to symbolize new beginnings in some cultures. And its the auspiciously chosen opening date for the Olympics. And a good day to report a new gallery opening on Coeur d'Alene (see Cda Press article). 

Sum of 6 is the joint venture between a couple of locals who wanted something contemporary. Cool. We need more experimental, alternative spaces. Cda and surrounding areas are full enough of boutique art shops, higher end galleries and even a museum/arts center or two. And, of course, there are the festivals, fairs and the like. 

What's missing are the grassroots spaces that grow out of coffee shops or emerge from back rooms of businesses supporting the arts. There have been a few--and it's tough to survive--and I hope to see more. That, to me, is as auspicious a sign as the number eight.