There's something about Picasso that just knocks me out. Maybe it's the bit of trivia I still remember from high school days about his prolific output: "Adding up all the works he'd made in his lifetime equated to more than 1 per day of his artist career." Whether or not this is true is another matter entirely; what impressed me most was the truth to the adage about the WORK in artwork.

I also have come to appreciate just how inventive Picasso was/is. He was able to converse fluently in numerous different, parallel and yet equally fascinating visual languages. Exceptionally skilled at realism, he nonetheless delved into the esoterics of abstraction, excelling the artform to a standard that has held up in modern times like few others.

And Picasso was also fluent in multiple media, which suits my style of artmaking (no, I'm not comparing myself to a Picasso) in that an artist does not have to/should not have to be defined by what they "do," meaning paint, sculpt, photograph, etc. The media is not the message or the measure of the man; an artist can (and I believe should) explore things from multiple vantage points.

So what if I almost got tossed from the Museum (not really) for snapping this photo? I was actually after the quote on the wall, not the image.

"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."