Kurt Madison's jewelry
Bernadette Vielbig's sculpture
Tinman Gallery reopened this past Friday to a packed house nibbling on scrumptious little chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow-y topping instructing "Eat Me." Conrad Bagley handed out invitations to his Mad Hatter party upcoming in August and everywhere the mood was festive and bright (like the melon-colored walls of the newly remodeled space).

This is the second such themed exhibition at Tinman (last year was The Wizard of Oz) and a nice break from more formal or individual pursuits we see around town. Some of the work was exceptionally well done, high level and refined; other pieces were a bit schlocky and at least a few felt woefully underdone. All in all, though, there was a reasonable range of artists--including longtimers Lila Girvin and Harold Balazs, as well as an underrated assemblage artist, Larry Ellingson.

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At the Gallery opening night