"The Dwight Merkel Sports Complex has completed renovation and will re-open Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at 10am. As a part of these improvements the Spokane Arts Commission and the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department commissioned artist David Govedare to enhance the site improvements. Two sculptures have been created 16 feet above ground, with the main body constructed of steel hoops mimicking movement. The sculptures are colorful, banner-like, playful and reflective of light.

The project is a part of the 2007 Bond Issue which was approved by voters with an overwhelming 68% “yes” vote.  The $42.9 million 2007 bond issue has funded the construction and development of a variety of aquatics and youth sports projects throughout the City of Spokane."

I think he should have redesigned the goal posts for the football stadium. Wouldn't it be more fun to watch the kicker send the ball into something more interesting than a the field goal posts? A sculpture of a gorilla with its arms up or a person doing a handstand, their legs becoming the goal posts. It could look like a version of a Japanese game show. Much more fun to watch...