So the previous post laid out my excuses for not getting to publishing this sooner...

The Art Spirit is one of my favorite galleries anyway but when they do the Clay Invitational, I'm especially thrilled. It's some of the best and most diverse work around and it's so well-presented. Figurative, abstract, contemporary, traditional--this show always has a little bit of everything.

Like Patti Warashina's saki set. Who knew you could do this with clay?

The show runs through June 5 and includes the following:

The 16 participating clay artists are:
-Patti Warashina, Seattle, WA
-Don Reitz, Clarkdale, AZ
-Frank Boyden, Otis, OR
-Tom Coleman, Henderson, NV
-Elaine Coleman, Henderson, NV
-Adrian Arleo, Lolo, MT
-Chuck Hindes, Coupeville, WA
-Valerie Seaberg, Jackson, WY
-Matt Allison, Seattle, WA
-Jenny Andersen, Bainbridge Island, WA
-Ken Lundemo, Seabeck, WA
-Susan Stewart, Seattle, WA
-Ryan Mitchell, Missoula, MT
-Dan Murphy, Logan, UT
-Dean Adams, Bozeman, MT
-Shane Watson, Silverdale, WA