Who Loves Ya, Baby?

As I looked at the scheduled postings (I do them in batches to try and stay current and, as one of my editors advised, keep the postings frequent and short), I realized that Valentine's Day is coming up. I don't particularly care for this saccharine event/holiday/phenomenon. I don't hate it as much as I do the commercialization of Christmas, for example, but I don't care for it. Maybe it's because my family wasn't one to say I Love You much. Maybe it's some other deep-seated Freudian thing.

Regardless, when I thought of Valentine's Day posting, I thought "love letters," but what crept in there just as quickly was the blog hit PostSecret.com. And so I went there, figuring there probably wouldn't be any Valentine's themed stuff yet or if there was, it was likely to be dark or tragic or just plain unusual. Here are two that caught my eye:


Isn't love a strange and wonderful state of being? Happy Valentine's. Or not.