Out of this World Exhibit at Gonzaga: Timothy Ely

You love the game Myst, are fascinated by secret codes, would have given anything to be Jodie Foster’s character in the movie Contact. You own at least one Wizardology book, have your own theories about crop circles and the importance of Stonehenge, and you think comics and graphic novels are brilliant and underrated.

And you’ll think Timothy Ely’s exhibition Secret Order at Gonzaga is out of this world.

Ely seduces the viewer with exquisitely detailed, hand-made books that appeal to your sense of wonder and mystery with their vaguely familiar charts, illustrations, graphs, and cryptic words. With titles like Apocry-chronon and Book from the Sky, Ely pulls us into his puzzling world while at the same time urging us to unleash our imagination to its broadest possible horizon. 

March 19-July31.