Tom O'Day Starts New Year Out at Tinman Gallery

I did the classic double-take when this email popped open on my computer the other day:

In keeping with our current policy of having more hands on art activities along with traditional art exhibits, Tinman has put together a "Mini-Studio Month" for January.  Three artists will exhibit their different art and have weekend activities related to that art.  Our artists are Tom O'Day, Margot Casstevens, Kurt Madison and Summer Moon Scriver and Iris Graville.
Tom O'Day? The Spokane Falls Community College instructor known for his acerbic wit and penchant for blowing things up? INSIDE Tinman's little gallery space? This I gotta see.

At right is a photo from his installation at Saranac Art Projects. And here's a link to the "typical" kind of art this wonderfully atypical artist did recently at Whitworth University. And as Tinman's Sue Bradley notes, much of this work will be suspended from the ceiling or tacked to the walls at Tinman's Garland Street location.