Common Knowledge Bookstore & Tea House is a well-kept secret from most of the outlanders. It's a good karma kind of place, with odors of whatever is cooking in the back and old books in the front of the store. They have a garden outside where they grow some of their own produce in this vegetarian haven, as well as a patio surrounded by oversize sunflowers, prayer flags and the distant hum of Boyer.

A postcard in the mail alerted me to a collective exhibition by Sandpoint-area artists:

Daryl Baird • Jennifer Ball • Nicole Black • Ron Bedford • Charlotte Bond • Laura Calvert-Peitz • Sarah Dickson • Catherine Earle (her artwork is shown above) • Gabrielle Earle • Natalie Fuller • Ruby June • Daris Judd • Kristin Johnson • Lanie Johnson • Carvery Kearney • Brietta Leader • Julie Meyer • Anna Monfort • Erica Nizzoli • Amy O'Hara • Kristina Orton • Holly Pennington • Colleen Russell • Diana Marie Schuppel • Fran Summerday • Chela Turner • Marie-Dominique Verdier • Holly Walker.

Some of the names I know, but not for art, so this ought to be an enlightening show. Through February 17th.