Never Too Early to Think About College

That was the message to my beginning Art 1 students the other day when Northwest Collage of Art (Poulsbo, Washington) sent their representative to the high school where I teach.

Normally I'd only have that presentation to my "advanced" students but this year is different. In addition to focusing more on creativity and problemsolving with my students, I wanted to give them more career guidance and a better understanding of the options available to them...regardless of their high school status.

So freshman gawked when the presenter, Kevin Hyatt, ran short films and way-cool animations made by NCA students. Juniors' eyes popped at the mere mention of college. And seniors looked thoughtful at the prospect of being on the verge of maybe moving on to something...other than high school. College, another job, another place.

So it's appropriate that this photo of work by former student, Promise Tangeman, caught my eye (she's now a very successful designer). It begins with hope and ends with a promise. I wonder which of my students will actually do that...go to art school. Or go on to college at all. Or go on to create a life with art.

Teaching is an act of faith. An investment in a future that one can never predict.