On one hand, I believe that the act of creation is not always something we can see. It might be a moment when something crystallizes in our psyche, a fleeting glimpse into what could be or how to adjust what currently is. It's a ghost of an idea, chased down and pinned to paper, canvas, metal, clay. It's elusive sometimes, damn elusive.

On the other hand, artists usually produce...things, images, spaces, things that occupy space and our field of vision. And so the act of creation isn't just thinking about an idea but executing it, rather bringing it to life.

Out in their little slices of heaven, artists on the Little Spokane River Artists Studio Tour will be doing just that September 26, 10 am-4pm. I'd go if for no other reason than to chat with Harold Balazs. Or to see the latest from Tim Ely, an extraordinary bookmaker. Or any of the not quite two dozen artists participating.

Check out the Tour's website here for more information.