Saranac Art Projects will present an art exhibit, "Erickson/Kolbo: New Works," October
1-30, featuring the works of Jen Erickson and Scott Kolbo. An opening reception will be
held on October 1 from 5 to 8 pm as a part of the Spokane Visual Arts Tour.

Erickson’s drawings reflect her interest in scientific inquiries, visual information systems,
and how we form and filter personal memories. Activated by her signature process of
minimalist graphite mark-making, Erickson creates a visual language comprised of tiny
flying creatures and infinitesimally small zeros.

Kolbo’s drawings, prints, and video projections are filled with reoccurring characters and
humorously grotesque environments. His figurative work is primarily concerned with line
and tone and he often mixes hand drawn elements with photomechanical prints.

Located in the Community Building at 25 W. Main Street, SAP is a non-profit alternative
art space run by local artists and curators. Artist established, operated and supported,
SAP is a cooperative of 20-24 dedicated to supporting artists in Spokane since 2007.