A local art gallery director and I have a friendly disagreement about art that involves the form of expression an artist takes. I see it as a continuum, a wide spectrum of ways in which artists express themselves...from the vase-of-flowers painter to the person whose work is so conceptual it tends to speak to only a narrow audience. My friend tends to regard the spectrum in levels, which I sort of do too, but I struggle at the idea that one form of expression is better than another.

Take this story, for example, about a local North Idaho artist who is completing a mural honoring Vets. How awesome is that?! Will this artist's work ever be in the Frye Gallery or the Met? No, but a whole lotta people are going to see this, get something from it and relate to it in a way that the typical gallery viewers are not. This is public art at its finest, expressive, illustrative and of the people.

Check out this link to a recent Cda Press article about Linda Fabrizius' mural at City Hall.