Saranac Art Projects and Main Market Co-op presents:

 “Learn With Us”
A two-day series of public events taking place in the Saranac Art Projects gallery during the current exhibition titled “Chicken Sh@#: Exploring Urban Ecosystems.”  Tobacco plants are blooming, chickens are laying eggs, seeds are sprouting, garbage is composting, and ideas are forming in this most alive and interactive exhibition featuring the work of Gabriel Brown and Rimas K. Simaitis.   Amidst this mid-winter bounty, and with the excitement of the soon to open Main Market Co-op, a small series of inspiring events are taking place:

Tuesday, January 19
Curt Ellis co-creator of the award-winning documentary “King Corn” will join us, and the chickens in the gallery to speak about his new film “Big River”.  This film follows up on “King Corn” (where he and a friend conventionally grew one acre of corn), by investigating the environmental impact of the pesticides and fertilizers.  A free showing of the film will take place at SCC’s Lair Auditorium that evening 1/19, at 7:30pm.

Wednesday, January 20
Local Workshops “Worm Bin workshop” on indoor composting by Mariah Mckay and “Chickens in the hood” on raising chickens in the city by Bea Lackaff
Film and Discussion “The Power of Community- How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” a project of the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions

For more information please contact or or call 509-844-6069