Envy is not a pretty thing but I'll admit to it when it comes to Mary Maxam. At first, I envied her poise and patience when it came to teaching. When I met her 9-10 years ago, she ws the senior member of the visual arts faculty in Lakeland School District (the visual arts faculty consisting of her, myself and two junior high teachers).

Then, when I had opportunities to visit with Mary during rare unstructured collaboration days, I had all the more reason to envy her exceptional painting skills. Like this humble little painting of a reflective gift box shows, Mary Maxam knows paint. And color. And light.
With her specialties including fly fisherman, landscapes and the occasional still life, Mary shares her artful gifts via a self-titled website on which she has recently added "daily paintings."

Ok, so now I envy her one more thing: retirement (and time to paint).


mary maxam said...

Hi Carrie....Oh PLEEEEZE, you can't talk to me about envy with all your own HUGE talents! I do thank you so much for keeping up with my daily paintings. The "dailies" have been an interesting idea and I hope to continue. Yes, I do have more time to paint and that's a VERY good thing :) YAY!