They're a little short on tigers and bears but lions are in abundance at Tinman Artworks first ever OzVitational art exhbition. More than 40 artists will be participating, many of them regional and regulars at Tinman. Others jumped over the rainbow at the chance to make something unique for this exhibition, which is hosted by Tinman Artworks in Spokane's Garland district.

Some highlights: a tornado blown in specially from Allen and Mary Dee Dodge's collaborative work with sculptor Harold Balazs.
Ric Gendron's creepy-cool "Mr. Stubbs" painting.
Karen Kaiser's drawing from the original book series (there's a book series? Who knew?)
Gordon's Wilson's cinematic mixed-media drawing.
Margot Casstevens and Kurt Madison's custom jewelry box made from the "remains" of Dorothy's house.
Melissa Cole's "Lion in Poppies," shown here.

Some of the work is schlocky. Some of it is stunningly crafted. All will delight and tickle your nostalgic nose.