Outskirts Gallery Worth the Drive

Art arrives in the most unexpected places and formats. It can be showcased at a museum, such as the MAC in Spokane or show up unexpectedly along an Artwalk route. It can be the focus of a contemporary gallery exploration or tucked in amongst beautiful objects designed for your home. And as Outskirts Gallery in Hope, Idaho demonstrates, art does not need to have an urban address to be interesting or cutting-edge.

Located about half an hour north of Sandpoint along scenic Highway 200, Outskirts Gallery shares space with the Hope Market Cafe, a funky space that doubles as a sort of community center. Outskirts Gallery is the brainchild of Kally Thurman, an enthusiastic arts advocate whose eclectic tastes are reflected in this densely-packed space. Big names like Mel McCuddin, Morse Clary and Glenn Grishkoff have pieces here, as do such regionally-known artists like Catherine (L'maitre) Earle and Gary Kaemmer.

Outskirts Gallery also has a growing artist-in-residence program featuring Grishkoff and other artists. In July, University of Idaho professor and artist Sally Machlis will join Grishkoff to teach "Book & Brush: Make Books, Paint Books" on July 18-19. There are also classes in ceramics, brushmaking, and photography scheduled through September.

Contact Kally at the gallery via email (kallythurman@gmail.com) or by phone (208.264-5696) for more information.