First Friday May 2009 in Spokane

Thumper and I hadn't seen each other in awhile so he drove down from Sandpoint and we made the trek into the "big city" for First Friday artwalk in May. 

As usual, we started on the westside and make our way east, never with enough time to see all the places we'd like to:
Sandy Ayars at Kolva-Sullivan
Dean Davis at Barrister Winery
Gail Grinnell at Lorinda Knight Gallery

Dean's work is interesting moreso for his technique, which uses multiple exposures of the same image through a super high quality camera. The images are then recomposited to create an almost surreal vision of the space, in this case mostly familiar Spokane interiors like the Glover mansion or Fox Theater. And, of course, he's a fabulous photographer capable of working across genres. Although better known for his architecture photos, his commercial portrait work is also strong. Barrister is a great place for an opening because it has all the elements for a lively social event: wine, food, places to sit, and the interesting ambience of the winery itself.

At Lorinda Knight, Gail's work hung like seacreatures, with us the underwater observers gazing up at their floaty and translucent forms. Using layers of dressmaker pattern paper, silk, ink drawing and other media, this artist creates work that is highly imaginative. Not whimsical, but somehow otherworldy, a compression of memory and method and media that feel both familiar and ghostlike.