Call for Submissions July 2008

WHAT:  Community-Minded TV (CMTV) wants to showcase the work of Inland Northwest artists by airing samples of their work.  All contributors will be credited with name and email (or website address).

WHO:  Visual artists (photography, illustration, painting, sculpture, cartooning, etc.) and musicians who compose/play original music.  Participants should live within a hundred-mile-radius of Spokane County.

WHERE:  CMTV reaches 100,000 households in the city and county of Spokane, and Spokane Valley, through Comcast cable channel 14.

WHEN: Artist Showcase segments will air on channel 14 during times not regularly scheduled with other programming.  (As of June 2008, regular programming is scheduled between 3PM and midnight).  

HOW: Visual art “slide shows” will be paired with copyright-free music at CMTV’s discretion.   CMTV reserves the right to choose which materials to air on the station, and to request the lyrics of music provided.  All material aired must conform to CMTV’s programming standards.  

Art and music submissions should be delivered to the station on CD or DVD, in JPEG or TIF file formats for visual material and MPEG3 for audio files.  No emailed materials accepted.  Music album cover art can also be supplied if available.  Signed releases are required for all materials aired on CMTV.
CONTACT:   For more information, please contact Jill Johnson, CMTV Marketing and Programming Coordinator, at 509-444-3381 or The Community-Minded TV offices are located at downtown’s Saranac building:  25 W. Main Avenue, Suite 436, Spokane, WA, 99201. Submissions can also be hand delivered to Community-Minded Enterprises, 25 W. Main Avenue, at the 3rd floor reception area outside of the elevator.