Behind the Scenes Gallery Owner Behind the Camera

Centerline, photography by Jim Kolva @ Kolva Sullivan, 115 S. Adams St., Spokane, Wa. Call 509.458.5517.

Jim Kolva wears a lot of hats, including businessman and gallery owner. He's passionate about art, especially ceramics, and--along with his partner Pat Sullivan--showcases both established and emerging artists at his Adams Street gallery. 

This month, however, the white-washed walls are wearing images by Kolva. About a dozen color photos, about 12" x 18" or so, all from one of Kolva's trips to New York City, Brooklyn in particular. "Centerline" is, literally, a depiction of the roadway: gritty, highly textured asphalt flanked by the familiar white stripe and, in various stages of decay, yellow paint.

They're interesting and well-mounted (so that the horizontal "stripe" appears continuous). If they were perhaps larger and a more matte finish (the gloss takes away from the focus on texture), they'd even evoke a Wow. As it is, the photos do exactly what the photographer did: elevate something common from off the ground and into our field of vision where we can't help but take stock.